Deadliest Earthquakes

One of the deadliest earthquakes since 1900 happened in off the west coast of northern Sumatra that happened on a date of 26 December 2004 and at 07:58 a.m. local time with the size o f9.1Magnitude. The fatalities are about more than 200.000 people.

The tsunami caused more casualties than any other in recorded history. In total, more than 157.577 people were killed, 26.763 listed as missing and 1.075.350 displaced in South Asia and East Africa. There were at least 110.229 people killed caused by the 2004 Indonesia natural disaster earthquake and tsunami. Other regions in South and South East Asia were struck by tsunami adding list of fatalities in Sri Lanka around 30,922 people, India around 10,749, Thailand around 5,303, Somalia around 150, Maldives around 81, Malaysia around 68, Myanmar around 59, Tanzania around 10, Seychelles around 3, Bangladesh around 2 and Kenya only 1.

USGS Preliminary Earthquake Report, 2004One of the largest earthquakes since 1900 happened in Chile that happened on a date of 22 May 1960 and at 03.11 p.m. local time with size of9.5 Magnitude. The fatalities are about 1.655 people.

There were around 1,655 people killed, 3.000 people injured, around 2.000.000 people displaced, and damage created worth $550 million in South part of Chile. Tsunami made 61 people killed and created damage worth of 75 million USD in Hawaii; made 138 people killed and created damage worth of 50 million USD; made 32 Filipino to be killed and missing; and created damage to the United States western coast worth of 500.000 USD.

One of the largest earthquake In North America since 1900 happened in Prince William Sound, Alaska on a date of 28 March 1964 at 05:36 p.m. local time with the size of9.2 Magnitude. The fatalities are about 128 people.

This earthquake is the second largest recorded in the world. Within the first 24 hours, there were 11 aftershocks and with a magnitude greater than 6.0 and 9 more took place over the next few weeks. In total, there were more than 10.000 aftershocks.

The earthquake is an uncontrollable natural phenomenon that has brought humans to their knees since he first stepped on the earth (to find out when the earliest reported earthquake occurred, scroll down). Here is 10 facts ondeadliest earthquakeyou probably did not know:

1. The largest earthquake that was ever recorded in the U.S. was in Alaska. The magnitude 9.2 quake hit Prince William Sound in March of 1964. Contrary to popular opinion, Alaska has the most frequent earthquakes, not California.
2. The largest earthquake ever recorded globally was a magnitude 9.5 that struck Chile in May of 1960.
3. Due to the rate of motion in the San Andreas Fault Zone researchers believe that in 15 million years Los Angeles will be pleasantly located directly next to San Francisco.
4. The earth’s moon has small magnitude earthquakes called “moonquakes.” Moonquakes rarely happen and are not as strong as the ones on earth.
5. Southern California has approximately 10,000 small magnitude earthquakes every year. Most of these are simple tremors and might not even be felt.
6. Between 1975 and 1995, 46 states had an earthquake. The only four that did not were Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Florida.
7. The majority of earth quakes happen at less than 50 miles below the surface of the Earth.
8. The deadliest earthquake in history happened in China in 1556 in China. More than 800,000 people were killed.
9. The earliest recorded earthquake took place in 1831 BC in China. Earthquakes have been fairly well documented since around 800 BC.
10. The British settlers of America experienced their first quake in 1663.