Recent Earthquake In Alaska

Alaska is one of the most popular places on the earth. There are so many interesting things about Alaska that makes people from all over the world come to this US state. Unlike other states of the US, Alaska is located a little bit remote from other states. One of the most interesting things about Alaska is that this state has so many earthquake events for the past few years. If you read newspapers, you will find many news and articles aboutearthquake Alaska recentthat occurs for the past few years. Most of the time, earthquake events in Alaska only cause mild damage. However, some earthquake events might cause quite heavy damage to the state.

Recently, on May, a series of significant earthquakes are being examined in Alaska, along with their aftershocks. The research is done by seismologists. According to these seismologists, Alaska is marked above the usual rate of earthquake during May. The seismologist from Alaska Earthquake Center, Natalia Ruppert, said that Alaska on May typically experiences what is called background level of 30,000 earthquakes per year. There are also significant quakes and aftershocks as well on this state. The Alaska Earthquake Center documents about three thousands quakes in a month. However, May has been surpassed that pace, said Ruppert. According to Ruppert, they have been recorded quakes and aftershocks that are close to the monthly rate in just the first ten days of May.

The catalog ofearthquake Alaska recentthat occurs on May includes at least three events that are larger than six Richter scales. Seven events are even larger than five and there are fifty events that are larger than four Richter scales. This data came from the overview that is compiled by Ian Dickson from Alaska Earthquake Center. The May in Alaska began with 6.2 Richter scales earthquake and 6.3 Richter scales aftershock that occurred on May 1. The center of this earthquake is under the Haines Highway that is located on Canada. The quake rattled most parts of South Central Alaska and caused significant damage in Whitehorse, a Canadian city in Alaska.

Michael West, a state seismologist said that this earthquake struck along the fault line of Denali. The quake then extended from Southeast into Alaska Range through Canada. There are more than 800 events of aftershock that had been detected due to the Southeast earthquake in Wednesday according to Dickson. On Monday, a 6.2 earthquake is occurred with center of the quake is located on Aleutian Islands.