Top 5 diamond ring styles you can choose from

The diamond ring looks adorable all the way, especially on special occasions like wedding anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, engagements, or Valentine’s Day. It is a precious gift for your loved one. It is the diamond stone that adds beauty to the personality of the person who carries it. But the style of the diamond ring matters a lot.

Top 5 diamond ring styles you can choose from

The diamond ring looks adorable with every type of dress and occasion, and it comes in various styles that you can pick as per your choice. The most liked and impressive styles of the diamond ring are listed below.

1. Three stones setting of diamond ring

This ring is one of the most famous and ancient styles of traditional rings with three stones, as the name shows. This ring type has one most prominent and beautiful diamond stone while having two small stones on both sides that reflect an amazing symmetry to engage the relationship between two partners.

You can also try this style with other stones like rubies or sapphire to make it more worthy and precious as your occasion is.

2. The solitaire setting of the diamond ring

It is the most demanding style of the ring, especially for couples, as it has the beautiful symmetry of the diamond. In the solitaire setting of the diamond ring, the square-shaped diamond with striking solitaire style is embedded in the metal lock of the ring. This style is old but ever gold for the couples’ engagement ring.

3. Pave setting of diamond ring

Pave setting ring is most adorable, shiny, beautiful, and covered with big and small stones. It is a style that makes your engagement ring glitterier and attractive as it has a large, beautifully cut stone in the center while many other small stones.

The small stones are arranged in the line one after the other on both sides of the ring till one half. This style of the ring covers it totally that nobody can see the metal surface of your ring and forgets blinking his/her eyes when looking at your ring. Its extraordinary sparkle will let you be the celebrity of the occasion.

4. Tension setting of diamond ring

This style is named after the metallic style of the ring that is a whole or two strands-like structure wrapping each other. This style covers the diamond piece among these two curled strands while making it more beautiful and secure from damaging and falling.

5. Bezel setting of diamond ring

It is a very simple and beautiful setting in which the diamond stone is totally embedded in the metal ring and tightly held by the metal lock. You can reform into different forms like full, half, or quarter bezel style setting in the metal ring in this adorable style. It is the best style for engagement or casual wearing a diamond ring.


You can choose different styles of diamond rings as mentioned above to make your events more special and memorable.