What is the Best Earthquake Kit?

Are you interested to know what the best earthquake kit is? All of us must don’t want something bad like earthquake to be happened. But by remembering that it is basically a natural thing that can just be experienced anytime, it is not bad to prepare all things anyway. So, what is the preparation? There is something namely earthquake kit then. It is a package that is commonly prepared by them who live in the disaster-prone area. But if your place is actually safe enough, it is not bad to prepare the kit also. The kit is actually just a bag or maybe backpacks with some stuff that is being kept there. Of course, it is basically for the first aid when the disaster happens.

Talking about the first aid, yes, first aid that includes cure wound and bandage must be included in the earthquake kit. Meanwhile, some kinds of drugs to cure fever as an example must also be there. Here is a suggestion for you. Every time you buy some drugs, make sure that some pieces of them are kept in the backpack. However, when it will be consumed, you must also still check the expire date. Other things to be included are the sanitation package, battery, flashlight, some clothes, and even money.

Let’s discuss more about the functions for each things in the earthquake kit. First of all and the most important thing is the medication. Of course, you must know well what they are for. Despite the medications for common sickness like fever and stomachache, make sure to bring other kinds of drugs particularly if you have a particular one. As an example if you have asthma, sure, the medication for that disease as well as the oxygen tube must also be prepared. The same thing if you also have a certain allergy. Even if it is in the form of outer medication like powder or ointment, they must be on your kit for sure. Another must thing is the sanitation package. It is necessary to have them not only in the little amount whether it is for the soap, toothpaste, and the others. at least before the helps and donation are coming, you can still keep your body clean and healthy without any difficulty.

Meanwhile, the battery and flashlight are important as the prevention when there is power failure. Since you must still need any light at night, those two things are necessary to prepare. The way to keep your body clean and healthy is also by changing your clothes regularly. That’s why; you must prepare some clothes as well. Make sure you only prepare the clothes that are really comfortable and flexible to be used. There is a suggestion for you related to the clothes. It is better to cover them by plastic bag or newspaper so that they keep clean and neat. Besides, it will not be easily covered by the dust if the way to storage them is noticed well. Lastly, the money is necessary to prepare because not all things will be donated to you. Yes, you may need to buy some of your necessities yourself.