What Plate Boundary Causes Earthquakes?

Many people might have experience an earthquake for at least once in their life, however, not all might wonderwhat plate boundary causes earthquakes? When you live nearby area prone to earthquakes, you might need to read this. Because the plate boundary is important to know, you can determine whether your areas of living is prone to large or only medium earthquakes. Then you can be more prepared. An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the earth’s layer which sometimes may cause great damage as a result of the movement within the earth volcanic action or earth’s crust. Our earth especially the plates are constantly moving, and earthquake may happen when there is a big pressure and where the plates are forced under another such as the earthquake happened in sumatera and California several years ago. Some parts of the world have higher chance to experience more earthquake than others with as much as 80% taking place around the pacific plate edges including Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, South America, Japan, USA and Canada. a very big earthquake can be followed by a series of aftershocks which may last for some months. To learn more about earthquake, you can read below description about what plate boundary causesearthquakes?

What plate boundary causes earthquakes?
An earthquake usually occurs in the border of earth’s plaque. And severe earthquake is usually occur in the border of compressional and translational plaque. The vibration of earthquake can travel very fast, up to 14 km/s whilst the seismic waves follows after may take less than 20 minutes to reach other parts of the earth with a distance nearly touched 13.000km.

In conclusion ofwhat plate boundary causes earthquakes. This kind of earthquake occurs as a result of tectonic activity such as the sudden movement of earth’s outer layer and the strength of the earthquake are ranging from the very small up to very high scale. This kind of earthquake might cause a lot of damage and the vibration can be felt into the whole parts of the world. s.